Instructional and Administrative Facilities

In keeping with the tradition of Adirondack resourcefulness and independence, many of the early buildings at Paul Smith's College were constructed not only with local labor and materials, but also by the College’s employees and students! Some of the structural materials, such as the wood and stone were prepared on-site, being milled or cut from the College's sawmill and quarry. As Paul Smith’s College continues to renovate and rehabilitate its older facilities as well as construct new buildings, the College retains and promotes the Adirondack style, design, motif, and materials. The College believes the beauty and richness of this region is an essential part of the Paul Smith’s experience. The following describes the main buildings on campus in alphabetical order.

Facilities Building

Located at the south side of campus serves a multitude of purposes. The two primary academic functions are the:

Recreation, Adventure Travel and Eco-Tourism (RATE) Resource Area – with classroom space, double-bay truck loading garages, equipment storage, and an ample utilitarian area; the recently opened RATE Resource Area effectively serves faculty and students alike.

Tomkins Forestry Classroom – with generous donations from Stirling Tomkins Jr., the Forestry Division has ready-access to clean, spacious and modern classrooms alongside the equipment storage/maintenance area.

Facilities Building

With generous donations from Stirling Tomkins, Jr., the Forestry Division has ready-access to clean, spacious and modern classrooms alongside the equipment storage / maintenance area.

Forestry Cabin

Located at the far end of the campus on a high point overlooking the lake, the Forest Cabin was constructed by Forestry students over a period of ten years. In a rustic Adirondack motif, the large Main Room features a two-sided stone fireplace, which is not only among the largest fireplaces in the North Country, but was made of cut-stone from Paul Smith's original Resort Hotel. Other amenities are the Trophy Room, full kitchen, restroom facilities, and the basement level Tool Room, which provides adequate workspace for the Forestry students’ ongoing projects. Not far from the cabin on the edge of the lake is one of the College’s many outdoor lean-tos.

[J.R.] Freer Science Hall – Renovated in 1998 and 2004/2005

Renovated in 1998 and 2004/2005, the Freer Science Building provides comprehensive ecology and environmental technology laboratories for chemistry, biology, microbiology and physics. In addition to an auditorium lecture hall with seating for 400, Freer also contains 21 faculty offices.

Phelps Smith Administration Building - Renovated 2000

The Phelps Smith Administration Building is located adjacent to the College’s front entrance and is named after Phelps Smith, one of Paul Smith’s three sons, who bequeathed the bulk of the Smith estate to establish a college in his father’s name. The Phelps Smith Building serves as the hub for the many of the College’s administrative needs. On the first level, the Offices of Student Accounts, , Capital Projects & Land Management, Financial Aid and the Registrar are found. The Office of the President and the Provost is located on the second floor, Institutional Advancement, including Alumni Relations, Major Gifts and Development, and . On the lower level of the Phelps Smith Building are Admissions Offices for Transfer and Veteran Services, Human Resources, and Career Center.

[Howell G.] Pickett Hall - Renovated 2007

Located adjacent to the Joan Weill Adirondack Library, this academic facility contains six presentation classrooms, two computer labs, office suites for the deans, faculty offices, and HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program).

Sporck Admissions Center

The Sporck Admissions Center is a recent addition to Paul Smith’s College’s historic waterfront district. The new facility not only houses all the Admission functions of the College, but the first floor meeting room with bay windows looking out onto the lake, provides exquisite space for all kinds of events. Sporck Admissions Center was made possible by a generous donation from PSC Trustee Charles E. Sporck, who is a member of the College’s first class, the Class of 1948.

Statler Hospitality Center (formerly Cantwell Hall) - Renovated in 1998, 2003, 2005 and 2012

Located at the center of the College’s academic buildings, the two-story facility contains our new Wally Ganzi, Jr./Palm Training Restaurant, and eight completely equipped baking and culinary arts laboratories featuring state-of-the-art gas and electric food preparation equipment. There are also six classrooms; four (4) of which provide full presentation capabilities. The Statler World Link Classroom offers 20 Internet-connected computer work stations, Our "A.P. Smith's" Retail Bakery, is open to the campus community. The Statler Hospitality Center also houses 12 faculty offices.

Countess Alicia Spaulding Paolozzi Environmental Science and Education Center

The Countess Alicia Spaulding Paolozzi Environmental Science and Education Center (Paolozzi Center) is the home of the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI), the Center for Adirondack Biodiversity (CAB), and the Adirondack Research Consortium. The Paolozzi Center, opened in 2010, is the focal point for the environmental research and outreach activities of Paul Smith's College. The facility has a state-of-the-art scientific laboratory with instruments used to analyze water, soil, and plant samples collected from monitoring and research projects conducted by the AWI and CAB. Students also have access to the lab during classes and for individual research projects. A classroom on the first floor is used by faculty teaching small discussion-based classes. This LEED certified green building also demonstrates the College's commitment to sustainability.

Joan Weill Student Center - Constructed in 2005

Situated on the edge of the Lower St. Regis Lake and offering splendid views of the distant mountains, the Joan Weill Student Center is the general focal point for students outside their academic lives. This 48,500 sq. ft. facility is home to our Recreation Hall, Stirling Tomkins Pine Room (public assembly space), St. Regis Cafe, Bobcat Cafe, Lakeside Dining (3 dining rooms), New Kitchen, Health Services, Counseling Services, Residence Life Offices, Conference Room and 3 Lounges. In addition to our cafe, game room, entertainment and/or dance area, the Center has the students' individual mailboxes and student package center. The Pack Basket, located on the lower level, offers general merchandise and the College bookstore.

Library--Joan Weill Adirondack Library

From its central location on campus, the Joan Weill Adirondack Library has excellent views of Lower St. Regis Lake and St. Regis Mountain beyond. This campus centerpiece incorporates elements of traditional Adirondack Architecture, including large windows, outdoor terrace, and extensive stone work and use of wood both inside and out within a modern high technology library. Opened in 2002, the library seats 440 students, has over 110 computer work stations, wireless network and internet access throughout the building, 8 group study rooms, 4 classrooms and over 600 data ports. The library is open seven days a week during the school year. The leather chairs, custom made furniture and cherry woodwork, cut from the College's own Green Certified Forest, help provide a homey and comfortable atmosphere for academic work or leisure.

The book collections support the college programs and there are extensive periodical holdings in both on-line and hard copy formats available for student research. All of the research tools in the library are available to students from all of the residence halls, as well as from off campus through the college network.

The library houses the Center for Accommodative Services, TRiO Student Support Services, the Writing Center and the Academic Success Center (ASC). In the ASC, students can get free peer tutoring, attend supplemental instruction and study groups. The Hutchins 24 hour study room and cafe provides a quiet place to work and use computers at any time of the day or night.

Campus Safety Building-Renovated 2011/2012

Centrally located on campus, the Campus Safety Building provides offices for the Campus Safety staff.

Saunders Sports Complex - Renovated in 2007, 2008, 2009

The Saunders Sports Complex provides extensive athletic and recreational opportunities. There is a 75-foot by 45-foot regulation-size saline swimming pool offering six lanes, a diving board and seating area for 125 people. The Natatorium Renovation was completed in 2009 and in keeping with Paul Smith's College's environmental experience, the Natatorium is one of a kind. Using a system to control naturally occurring humidity to reheat the pool, swimmers and spectators alike will be comfortable. The renovations bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. Paddlers and swimmers will both be capable of training year round. A full range of aquatics activities, including SCUBA lessons, are conducted in this year-round pool. The Saunders Sports Complex also offers a Dance and Motion Room, Fitness Center, and numerous offices for the athletic and recreation staff. Our "state of the art" Fitness Center was completed and opened in September 2008.

Buxton Gymnasium - Renovated 2010

This facility was originally built as the main gymnasium for the campus. The wooden gym floor has been completely refurbished to accommodate basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis, and three badminton courts. The 2010 renovation provided a climbing tower and bouldering wall unique in the Adirondack Park. Paul Smith's College's 30' climbing tower will provide a climbing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Recognizing the need for increased indoor recreation during the cold winters of the Adirondacks, the climbing tower and bouldering wall will allow for year-round physical climbing challenges.