Expenses and Refund Policy

This section is a review of the expenses that students can expect to incur at Paul Smith’s College. The Student Accounts Office coordinates information about expenses, including required fees and optional and incidental expenses.

Substantial financial assistance is awarded to a majority of students at Paul Smith's College. A comprehensive review of scholarships, awards and financial aid programs is available through the Financial Aid Office and programs are listed in the Financing Your College Education section.

NOTE: The numbers in parentheses ( ) in the following listing refer to complete explanations for expenses on the following pages. Prospective students should review the explanation well in advance of registration for any semester or session. These explanations are intended to serve as aids in estimating the overall costs of a student's education at Paul Smith’s College.

Tuition and Fees for 2016-2017 (per semester)

Fall and Spring Semester


Tuition (1)


Room Charges- Tier 1 (2)

Room Charges – Tier 2 (2)



Suites – Tier 3 (2)


Board (3)


Comprehensive Fees (4)


Technology Fee (5)


Laundry Fee (6)


Student Activity Fee (7)


Books and Supplies (8)


Special Uniforms, Clothing & Equipment (9)


Academic Summer Study Session

Summer Study Sessions are academic programs which last for 3 or 6 weeks. The programs are required for students in the Forestry, Forest Recreation, Forest Technician and Surveying Technology programs, or for students who personally elect to attend the College during Summer 2016. Students enrolled in a Summer Study Program pay charges according to the following schedule:

Three Week Summer Session Expenses

Tuition - Surveying






Six Week Summer Session

Tuition - Forest Technician*






Expense Explanatory Notes


Tuition — The tuition charge for each semester covers the period as set forth in the Academic Calendar for 2016-2017 under the headings of Summer 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017.


Room Charges — Residence Hall descriptions are found in the Residence Hall Living section.


Board — All residential students attending Paul Smith’s College must participate in the Board Plan. The plan is Carte Blanche that offers unlimited access to the Dining Hall during serving hours. Please contact Sodexho for hours of operation.


Off-Campus Student

25 Block - $205


Block Meal Plan

50 Block - $405


Program Fee — The Program Fee a student will incur is dependent on the academic program as follows:











Business and Entrepreneurial Studies



Culinary Arts



Forest Technician



Forestry B.S., all concentrations



Hotel & Restaurant Management



Liberal Arts



Surveying Technology



Arboriculture and Landscape Management



Natural Resources



Culinary Arts & Service Management



Hotel, Resort and Travel Management



Technology Fee — A fee that provides support of campus technology resources. These services do not include direct support of student owned technology.


Laundry Fee — This fee allows the student unlimited use of the washers and dryers located in the dormitories.


Student Activity Fee — The purpose of the Student Activity Fee is to provide and promote programs to assist in the development of educational, social, cultural, athletic, and leadership skills of all students. The fee is designed to encourage broad student participation and to include all members of the student body.


Bobcat Bucks -- This fee gets you a prepaid gift card for $500.00 per semester for use of purchasing books at the Pack Basket (The College Bookstore). If you choose not to have this card, fill out a waiver and you will then be able to purchase your books outright at the store. You may pay using cash, personal or traveler's checks or VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMEX.


Special Uniforms, Clothing and Equipment — Students in the specified programs will need to purchase personal items as described in the program sections of the catalog. The charges are a one-time investment and are approximately:





Baking and Pastry Arts



Culinary Arts






Hotel and Restaurant Management


External Study Programs

Students enrolled in external study programs (externships) pay tuition to Paul Smith’s College at the rate of $300 per credit hour. Room and board charges are made under separate arrangements with the industry host or independently by the student, depending upon the particular job site.

Other Charges

Armory Charges: Students failing to return any Armory identification items within 30 days of the close of the armory will be assessed a $25.00 fee for each item. (tags, armory id cards, etc…).


  1. Students enrolled at Paul Smith’s College as full-time students may audit one course per semester, on a space available basis. If the audited course does not place the student’s total load over 18 credit hours, there is no charge. If the audited course is an overload, the charge is $100 per credit hour.
  2. Students who are not full-time Paul Smith’s College students may audit one course per semester, on a space-available basis. The charge is $150 per credit hour plus appropriate fees for supplies in laboratory courses. Details of the audit policy are available in the Community Guide.

College Health Insurance — All students are required to have health insurance coverage. The college health insurance will automatically be billed yearly to all student accounts. Students who already have health insurance and would like the student account credited must go on-line and complete an insurance waiver by the deadline date. The on-line site and deadline date will be provided to the student with the initial billing statement. A waiver must be completed on an annual basis. Students who do not complete an on-line waiver from by the deadline date are automatically covered under the College Health Insurance Program. These students should read the Insurance Brochure and be familiar with the plan. Questions about the college insurance should be directed to Gallagher Insurance Company at (877) 320-4347. Students who waive the college insurance should know the requirements of their company to activate their insurance coverage. If the student has a pharmacy plan, the student should remember to bring a pharmacy card to campus and register the card with the pharmacy.

Equipment: Welding Course Fee: Students enrolled in the Welding course will be charged $125 for supplies and equipment.

Identification Card Replacement - All students attending Paul Smith’s College must have a student ID card. Lost ID Cards or cards that need replacement due to change in appearance are assessed a replacement fee of $5.00 per card.

Infirmary Fees: There is no out of pocket cost to the student for seeing the nurse or the medical representative at Student Health Services. However, there are certain items or services that may have a cost to them. Any fee incurred by the student, at Student Health Services, will be placed on the student’s account as an "infirmary charge". These charges will vary. Some examples of what may incur a cost through Student Health Services are:

Failure to Confirm Enrollment Fee: Students who fail to confirm their enrollment for the semester by the deadline of the first day of classes will be charged $150. Students must confirm their enrollment on-line through The Self-Service Enrollment Check In Process.

Laboratory Damages: Many courses have policies regarding charges for equipment lost, damaged, or broken by students. Such policies will be presented by the instructor at the beginning of the term, and appropriate charges levied by the Student Accounts Office upon notification by the instructor. A similar charge is assessed for lost or damaged library materials.

Late Registration and/or Late Payment Fee: Applies to each semester and/or session —$75.

Late Medical History Form Fee: Applies to each semester the form is not submitted — $60.

Library Fines: Students may incur fines of various amounts for lost, damaged or overdue items in accordance with the library circulation policy. For item replacement fines, students have a maximum of 60 days from the date of the charge being placed on their account to return items to the library to get their replacement fines removed. Students may not appeal overdue charges unless a case for the illegitimacy of the fine is presented by the end of the semester that the charge was given.

Movie charges: Students will be charged a replacement fee for any movies they borrow from the movie rental and have not returned by the end of the semester.  The replacement charge for movies is $25 per movie. Television series and documentaries are based on the cost of the season or documentary with a minimum charge of $25.

Orientation Fee: $200 fee for first year students only. This charge is for the services the student is provided while attending an orientation session.

Overload: Credit hours over 18 in any semester are considered an overload and charged at the rate of $525 per credit hour.

Parking Fines: Paul Smith’s College does not charge for parking on Campus. All vehicles utilizing on campus parking must register their vehicle with campus safety within 10 days of the start of the fall semester or, if after that time, immediately upon bringing a vehicle to campus. Campus regulations are outline in the college’s parking policy available on the Campus Safety webpage. Failure to abide by the parking policy will result in parking citations being issued and the attached fines levied. In addition any towed vehicle charges (towing, vehicle storage, etc.) are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Part-time: A student accepted on a part-time basis will be charged, at a rate of $815 per credit hour plus a pro-rate charge of the Program Fee, Technology Fee, and Student Activity Fee for the respective program.

Transcript Fee: $30 fee for first year students only. A student is able to request transcripts when their student account is paid in full.

Withdrawal Fee: An administrative fee of $100 will be charged to a student’s accounts if they withdraw during the semester. This fee covers associated expenses related to establishing classes, room and board reservations, and changes thereto.

PSC Tuition PolicyFor Students who drop or add courses: The institution’s policy regarding tuition charges for students who add or drop courses is outlined below.

Payment of Expenses

It is the policy of Paul Smith’s College to be as helpful as possible to students and their parents in payment of college expenses. However, no student will be permitted to register unless payment in full has been received prior to registration.

Payment Plan — The College allows the students to spread the cost of attendance, less all financial aid, over a 10-month period. This is done through a payment plan administered by Advanced Education Services, Inc. For information about this plan contact the Student Accounts Office.

Payment Deadlines — First year students are required to make a reservation deposit of $250.00 as explained under Admissions. The total amount of the charges for the semester or session is due on the following dates preceding that semester:

Fall Semester 2016

July 15, 2016

Spring Semester 2017

December 15, 2016

Summer Semester & Session 2016

May 15, 2016



Payment for the amount due shall be sent directly to Paul Smith’s College by the due date as defined in the schedule above. All checks sent for payment of student accounts shall be payable to Paul Smith’s College, and sent to the attention of the Student Accounts Office.

Refund Policy

PSC Title IV Refund Policy: The institution’s policy regarding the distribution of any refund due to the Title IV programs is outlined below:

Students Changing Residential Status: No refunds will be made for the room charge when a resident student changes his/her status to non-resident after the beginning of the term, nor when the student has been removed from a residence hall for disciplinary action. All residential students MUST participate in the Board Plan.

Student Withdrawals: All withdrawals will be calculated on the day the student or his/her parent(s) have completed the necessary withdrawal procedures with the Academic Success Center. The schedule for tuition, room, board and fee charges follows:*


Withdrawal during first or second week



Withdrawal during third week



Withdrawal during fourth week



Withdrawal during fifth week



Withdrawal during sixth week



Withdrawal during seventh week



Withdrawal during eighth week



Withdrawal during ninth week



Withdrawal after ninth week


Once the withdrawal is calculated by the Student Accounts Office an administrative fee of $100 will be added to your student account. This fee covers associated expenses related to establishing classes, room and board reservations, and changes thereto.

Financial Obligation and Collection

Students are responsible for completing their financial obligations to Paul Smith’s College before graduation. If hardship prevents them from meeting their obligations, they should notify the Office of Student Accounts as soon as possible to discuss a payment plan.

Paul Smith’s College will forward student accounts to a collection agency when a student fails to make payment on outstanding debts and does not contact the Student Accounts Office to establish a payment plan. The agency will attempt to collect on the account and all collection costs and fees are the responsibility of the student.